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Metallic print gradient tutorial - Nails Art Design

For today's gradient Friday, I have posted up a gradient tutorial that some of you have requested! Here is the tutorial for my neon print gradient. CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE.

Prep: a cosmetic sponge, 3 nail polish colors, paint on base coat

1. Sponge on your first color all over your nail. Press harder on the bottom of your nail and fade near the top.

2. Next, sponge on your next color diagonally on the top 2/3 of the nail. Again, press harder near the bottom and fade near the top of your nail.

3. Now it is time for your third color. Sponge it on diagonally on the top third of the nail and press down hard.

4. Put on a quick drying top coat and get your stamper and plate ready!

5. Stamp on your design. I used BM 208 with Wet n' Wild Black Crème.

6. Finally, seal it all with a top coat and clean up around your cuticle with an orange stick or cotton balls.

There is also a picture of how the manicure looks once it is completed. Hope this helps! Click here for the products used.

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