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Spring Gradient - Nails Art Design

Today the sun is peeking out from the clouds and it makes me feel like warm weather is here to stay soon. Here is my spring gradient for this Friday! I used 2 coats of JOE Dupioni as my base coat, a shimmery white color. Next I sponged on OPI Banana Bandanna, a creamy yellow, on 2/3 up my nails. Finally, I sponged on Goldie 13, a bright shimmer pink, on my tips. I used a coat of nubar Pixie Dust to give it a little more sparkle. First two pics are taken in light box, last pic is taken with light streaming in from the windows.

For my floral designs, I put on gold and pink hexagonal sequin on to form flowers on the rights side of each nail. Lastly, I topped it all off with Seche Vite. That is all for today! Is spring in the air for you Polish Addicts?

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