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China Glaze Metro: Downtown

Hello lovelies! Here I am with part II and I hope you love it. This is Downtown right here and once again...FABULOUS!! All two coats with the exception of the very last which is 3. Application was awesome. You know how sometimes with a creme you get streaks if you're not careful? I did BUT they just melted together like butter. I was amazed because I suck at applying cremes. Chile, getchu some.Okay enough....

Mustard Green! I was kind of iffy about this one but that shimmer makes it *channels Bernie Mac* nice, real nice. 

My absolute fave in this part of the collection. I love camo green. 'Nough said. 

Grey creme and it is extremely pretty in person. 

Not a fan of burgundy polish but this one has a little shimmer. Prettier in the bottle than on me though

Dark burgundy with gold shimmer. It sort of reminds me of OPI DS Mystery. 

She is so damned pretty. I love this one. Blue jelly with lots of glitter. 

China Glaze outdid themselves with this collection. I am giving this one an A+. Seriously adore it. If you haven't seen Uptown, check it out here. 

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