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Rant Warning.......

Hi babies,
I hope you all are well. I am too. It's my birthday but that isn't why I'm writing this blog. I got a lovely email from a woman named Rachel this morning. Click on that bad boy and read that shit.

Is she serious? I mean really. First of all, if you're are going to read on my twitter account, make sure you read everything that pertains to the conversation and get your facts straight. K?

One: I love my readers. They take time out of their day to come here and comment on my posts. It doesn't get any better than that. They absolutely rock.

Two: I do giveaways because I want to & not because I think people deserve them. I do it selfishly because I like making the winner happy. I know what it's like to get a package from someone and get all squishy and giddy. I do it and spend my own money. MY MONEY. I don't get free shit to give away to people. EVER! This is money in my pocket and I can spend it just how I want to.

Now let's finish:
I don't owe you a damned thing Ms Rachel if you were my reader but for you to come here and see nice swatches and get a good, honest review. You got that??? I don't have to spend one hard earned dime on you because YOU think I should. I do it when I want to.

Your sense of entitlement here boggles my mind. I tried to wait to calm down about this but I never did so you get what ya get here. I dont HAVE TO DO A GIVEAWAY and neither does any other blogger. We do it out of love for our readers not because we think you deserve that crap.

My twitter rant was about people who BUY followers. You can't possibly think doing a giveaway at 50 follower increments is normal and if you do then I apologize. You are not going to get that from every blogger you run into. This is the sort of thing that makes bloggers not want to do anything. People like you who send emails like this...YES.  THAT IS NOT NORMAL!

Bloggers are real people too. We have families, jobs and things we are saving for and our job is not to buy shit to give it to you just because you CHOOSE to sit down at YOUR computer and read. You want something that bad then take your butt out and buy it on your own. How about that? I dont need the kind of followers that only follow me for freebies and if you are then you can go into your GFC settings and unfollow me.


ETA: This is not the first time I or any other blogger has gotten messages like this and it is getting out of hand.
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