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Warning: Profane language and pure attitude ahead.

Let's talk about nail/beauty blogging pet peeves. Shall we?

I will preface this by saying if you look at my old pictures that it was pure shitfest. I didn't do shit I was supposed to. I am pretty sure I bothered people with the dookie I posted. I will see things now from seasoned bloggers and think to myself,


Like do you not look at your cotdamned pictures before you post them? You don't edit that shit? At  least try and photoshop that shit out. You wanna know what my main one is? Crap that looks like this.....

For real? You want people to look at that!?!?!? Now I'm not saying I see a lot of pics like these but I have seen some come close to it and let me just say it can be fixed. (I dont paint my nails that sloppy. Im actually very careful. It's an example.) LOOK AT THIS! Look at how dry my hands are. Look at how polish is all over my skin and cuticles. Not fucking cute.. This shit is not going to make people want to go out and buy that damned polish. FIX YO' SHIT! All you need is a brush like this

And some of this(Zoya Remove + works too)

It doesn't take all that much money and it's not high dollar! Please take the time to clean up yo' shit. This bugs my ass to no end. Makes it itch! FIX IT!!!!!!!

Another one of my pet peeves is people complaining about exclusives. As many fucking bloggers out there that you are friends with, you cant take the time to ask for a swap or for someone to pick it up for you? For real? Half of us all are buddies and I'm sure if you ask nicely that someone would be happy to help you out. Cut that shit out. I don't ever mind looking for someone but dont take advantage of my ass either. Just ask. Damn!

Oh and if you're gonna review a product? Actually talk about that shit instead of just posting the pretty pictures. Your thoughts actually matter, people.

DO NOT COME INTO MY BLOG WITH THIS SHIT! "Nice post, Check out my giveaway" "Come look at my blog., I think you'll like it" FOR REAL? I bet I fucking won't. How about you stop being a lazy ass and email it to me instead. I will delete this shit seriously. DO NOT SPAM MY COMMENTS. UGH.

Off topic, let's talk about twitter etiquette up in this bitch. You know what I hate? FUCKING PEOPLE WHO BUTT INTO MY CONVERSATIONS. If you barely talk to me at all, if you see me talking to my girls, do not jump your ass dead in the conversation ESPECIALLY IF I HARDLY KNOW YOU!  Don't talk to me when Im bitching and whining trying to figure out why I'm mad when you don't give a flying shit about me any other time. Your ass is just nosy as fuck. I don't know you. You don't know me and you've not even tried ever to be my friend so back off. At least excuse yourself for butting in. Damn!
I understand people will find our (me and my girls) conversations amusing and that is fine but be polite. Introduce yo' self, foo!

Okay I think I am done.

Now I did ask y'all what bothered you so here are some exact quotes from some of my fellow nail bloggers(my notes are in red):

My Biggest Pet Peeve is when you have nail bloggers who post up pics of manicures that are sloppy. Please take a few mins to clean up your cuticles before posting pics up. I've seen some that have paint all over the place and even up to the bend of the finger!!!! Just looks nasty to me.

I think my biggest pet peeve is with PR people that lie. I emailed a company and never heard back from them. Left a message on their page on Facebook and nothing. I just wanted to be added to their PR/Media list. No asking for samples, nothing. Just wanted to have the latest news for my blog readers. I posted one last time on their Facebook page and they said someone would reach out to me. That was weeks ago. I crossed them off my list. If you don't want to reach out to me, don't say that. Just say we're not interested at this time or someone will contact you if they're interested. I can take that. I don't mind that.

I have more but that is one of the most memorable one so far. Of course, there are some PRs that are so friendly and nice and send you stuff even if you never ask. Some will respond back in a few days and I get that, they're busy. But never get back to me? I tend to just cross it off my list and move on. I just wish they would say no we're not interested or something. Leaves me hanging. :)

Another one is an expected one, leaving links in my comments. If you have a link, leave it in my form thing to fill out and guess what? I will visit you and so will others. Do not leave it again in the comment itself. O_o ( I wish you could ban people for doing this shit. We all have email. USE IT)

****** I hate when bloggers post pictures of truly fucked up cuticles. I mean, most people get a hangnail or two and have dry cuticles once in a while, but I do not want to look at pictures where it looks like the person has been washing dishes without gloves all day and doesn't use lotion or cuticle cream!

Also, it really bothers me to see those really flat nails that get wider at the tip...I don't know why!

And finally, I don't really like blogs that just post pictures and don't say a single thing about what they thought of the polish. Hello, do you not have any sort of opinion??


-Chewed off fingernails. It's like putting lipstick on a pig(That shit is funny) ; no amount of polish is going to pretty them up.
-Janky, dry cuticles
-Sloppy polish jobs - polish all over the skin and cuticles, looks like it was slapped on with a popsicle stick, etc.
-Different length nails. My mother is so guilty of this one. If one or a few break, file them all off, stop trying to save those two or three long nails.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I would say something about different nail shapes that bother me, but I know people can't help the shape of nail they were born with. Let's face it, though, some people just have ugly nails!(Okay I laughed at this and I shouldn't have but what are you gonna do? She's right though. People can't help that but they can paint their nails better than they do. When my natural nails are growing out, they grow weird til they get to certain lengths so I paint to disguise the weird shape. *shrugs*)


Blisters and other nastiness (ok...i mentioned this yesterday,but it bears repeating...I DO NOT WANT TO SEE AN ENLARGED VIEW YOUR GROSS-ASS HANDS! ( I ain't never seen this shit EVER in my LIFE. HELL NO! I would have to say something to this person.) 
Link-bombing (Very disrespectful.Send an email instead.)

Sloppy Application (I don't demand perfection,but at least try to keep most of the polish on your nails-especially if reviewing for a brand.They deserve better.)

Airing all your grievances in a comment (If I feel as though I've been "wronged" by another blogger,I'd send them an email.Leaving them a nasty comment on a post is flagrant douchebaggery.)

Using offensive language in an attempt to be funny (not cussing but using, 'gay','retarded' and any or all ethnic/racial slurs) Not cool.

Being a condescending,name-dropping asshat (wait...that's only one person.Scratch that.)


I just thought of another one. This happened to me recently. Another blogger belongs to this forum I belong to and I swapped with her once. The next time she contacted me, I thought she wanted to swap again. Turns out she saw my Milani post and asked how did I get them for free. O_o Now I wouldn't mind if it's someone I chat to on a regular basis and stuff but she just straight up asked that. I responded that I contacted the company asking to be on their email list to receive press releases. Saw her post a few weeks later about a Milani review. I figured that was that. A few days ago I got another private message from her. She asked what is the email adress for my contact at FingerPaints cause she tried contacting the email listed and it bounces back. O_o I told her to email the website and told her that sometimes companies just send you stuff in response to your email so you never know. Days later, no "thank you" or "I understand" or "I see". I guess it's better than a snarky response but her expecting me to do all the work basically annoys me.

Her blog features tons of stuff not nail related at all now. She's working with some company that connects sellers with bloggers and she's doing a review every single day (shirts, cookies, candies....). I don't see why she needs to ask for my contact info when she can easily find out herself if she put work into it. :-/


1) When the meat of the post is "after the jump". Big pet peeve.

2) Word verification on comments(I actually don't mind this. It keeps the asswads at bay plus some of the words I get are hysterical)

3) When a blogger only responds to one comment. I don't need them to go line by line, but a general thank you to everyone would suffice. I've seen bloggers thank only one person specifically. Big pet peeve.

4) Blog posts about makeup. A few are fine, but it's kind of annoying when nail blogs start reviewing makeup every other day.(This doesnt bother me either. It breaks the monotony of it sometimes and nail bloggers have pretty faces too.)


1. Music that automatically plays on the blog..I don't want to here that sh*t :)(THIS SHIT HERE! It's not the 90s people. Damn!)

2. Spam-bombs in my comments, don't pub your site in my comments!

3. Toes, I don't want to see your toes unless you are a foot model...LOL(Bwaaaaaaahahaha !!!!!)

4. Unanswered emails. When someone emails a question directly to you about a post or a specific technique or polish, I feel (as a blogger) you should respond..its rude if you don't. :)

5. Awards..I know it's always sent with the best of intentions, but I barely have enough time to do post and respond to follower requests, let alone, receive and duplicate an award. :) (Yeah its sweet but they get on my nerves. I cant do them all.)


As you can see, we are all pretty much offended by the same shit and if you're mad right now it's probably because you've been guilty of some of these. If you wanna come at me, don't do it here. That's why I have email for this blog. Please believe my skin is thick so if you have something to say then say it. LOL.

Anyway, all you sloppy painters out there, link droppers and cuticle chewers need to get it together. The point is to improve the more you blog, not stay the same or get worse. Have some pride in your work.

I sincerely hope I didn't offend anyone and if I did, well you know. Peace.
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