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Orange butterfly & technical difficulties

here is my latest mani - a neon orange butterfly. I used  a base of a pastel orange ( franken), then sponged on NYC Spring Street and Sally Hansen Tahiti Sunrise; I used a black stripe polish to create the partitions.

When I began to add the white dots, I dragged my nails across the bottom of my desk and destroyed my nails - so I fixed it up with the black stripe polish and just added TC. I have had -2- manicure disasters in a row

 I am loving this bright orange and have already fished out all my orange polish's for a future manicure. bright polish's like the base here is the perfect thing for the dreary spring weather we are having in my part of the country.

- right now -

All that swearing and cursing about slow Internet speeds has caught up with me - our internet provider had some issues today and I couldn't get onto the internet. I am behind with my new blogs but hope to have that sorted out tomorrow.  In the meantime - here is a  dot-less, mutant orange butterfly wing manicure.

no TC on ring nail ( first nail  on the left )

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