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Copper Zebra & wow you guys.............

copper base with stripe rite copper stripe polish and copper glitter stripe polish

Thanks for the comments on yesterdays mani  I really did paint that up on the fly..... It was supposed to be a practice nails to be removed immediately but i wore it for the day. I have seen several fabulous manicures incorporating dots and I would like to do more for myself.  I have rounded up a a few dress making pins and other impromptu dotting tools for Sunday night to see what I can come up with. Dotting tools are available on almost every popular nail supplies order site = Born Pretty has free shipping worldwide with no $$$ order limit

For my latest look I went with the zebra stripes again. There are several ways to make them =  i like the horizontal style verses the 'V' style. This way is is much easier . Here is my latest video  ~ this video is to show the amount of time to create this than for visual quality.

Also; my hands were shaking horribly through this video. My stripe rite polish thickened up and I added ALOT of polish thinner but it was still like peanut butter. I will purchase the glitter Stripe Rite glitters in the future but am going to stay away from the creme/metallic stripe rite polish's.

Each nail took approximate 1 minute to do.......

This is a tone-on-tone look that was easy to do. I think the addition of the random glitter stripes was smart

stuff i used;

the base for this mani was artificial nails with a coat of a subtle copper flecked polish

copper stripe polish

added the glitter to random stripes

I found these old skool nails at my favirote dollar store in town

I added a coat of this lovely subtle copper flecks sheer Sally Hansen polish

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