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Big Holo hex Glitters

This took less time then you think. I started with a black base, then added the large and small holographic hex glitter setting them into clear polish with a tooth-pick. There is also some stray micro-glitter in the mix that was attached to the larger hex glitter.

I added the clear polish in small sections and tried to have all the pieces evenly spaced. I used 2 obscenely thick coats of Top Coat, I thought this would be dent-able for the whole day as it is very humid in my part of the continent - but it dried solid in much less time than I imagined.

 I had to bend some of the bigger hex glitter pieces so they would sit on my nail properly. I just used my fingernail to 'bend' it in half slightly so it would mimic the curved shape of my nails....

I have tried 3 times to add 'new blogs' to my blog roll - I might have too many ( 730-ish ) and so maybe I am not allowed to have anymore on there? I will try again and possibly erase those blogs that have no new posts for 1 year or so.

I will probably wear this manicure for a few days, I love how this looks and will likely try something like this again in the future with different coloured glitters and nail things

I initially wanted to have the black part of my nails matte, but I miss having shiny nails.....

This photo is BEFORE Top Coat - after applying clear polish I affixed the glitter to the nail

On my ring nail, I added the Matte Top Coat, just for this photo - I wore this mani shiny!!!!

..........and many more photos

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