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Mmm. Shoesday. Beauty Care

It was only a matter of time until my beloved, bargainous, and bejewelled Accessorize leopard print flats got too worn and tatty looking to wear anymore. I suppose I always knew that that day would eventually come, but I still can't quite believe it's arrived.

And now that their time is up, I am utterly bereft.

They've been my go to shoes for just over a year so I'm panicking about what I'll do without them. In a particularly cruel twist of fate, I recently discovered that Next had almost identical shoes in stock until a couple of weeks ago.

My eBay Watch List is primed and ready to tell me if a pair pop up online, but obviously I need something to wear on my feets on the meantime.

I think that these little beauties from Oasis (£25) will do the job very nicely indeed. In addition to being gold and glittery with a lace corsage and pearl 'n' bling embellishment - all of which I love, of course - they're super comfy. Nice one!

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