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Jam jars + doilies + tea lights = AMAZEBALLS outdoor lighting idea Beauty Care

{image source: Crafts By Amanda}

Sticking tea light in jam jars is a dead easy way to get some al fresco lighting on, but I've always felt it to be a bit of a bachelor pad/utilitarian looking solution. And then I saw these prettified doily-embellished versions and had an honest-to-goodness "now why didn't I think of that!" moment, complete with mucho forehead slapping.

This is one of the nicest little DIY projects I've seen in a while, and I fully intend to follow Amanda's instructions and make several myself. Just as soon as I've amassed enough jars to do so on a grand(ish) scale - I currently have a grand total of one, which wouldn't exactly look spectacular.

I only wish that I'd come across this "how to" while I was waiting on Camden to send me recycling bins, when I had about six weeks' worth of recycling piled up and a veritable army of glass jars that would have been perfect for the job.

In other news: must really try and get Himself to polish off the last of that honey and jam this weekend. The jars they're in are taking up valuable cupboard space.


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