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WOW! Thanks everyone and Plug Yourself Sunday

1 touch sponging with Franken polish

Whoops! got a late start today ~ please add your nail blog to my comments if I don't already have it in by blog roll, I will add you tomorrow in a new post with a link to your nail blog♥

On my previous post the butterfly nails..... wow! thanks for all the comments. I had seen this a year ago and always kept it in the back of my mind, but since I could not re-create the look 'Phoenix' by NailsyMo, I was bummed out and decided to try the Butterfly Wing look.

I have since re-done the Butterfly nails with some sparkly sponging, but still using the same base colour, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac ~ I will edit those and post this evening. Hopefully everyone found video tutorials on youtube and other fabulous photos using Google Images ( i just typed in Butterfly wing nail art  and found many photos)

One that stands out is by Michelle @ Laquerized.... dang!!!! her monarch butterfly nails are fabulous. Next time I use long artificial nails I am copying this to a  'T'.  have had that photo in my inspiration file for over a year. Even though she isn't posting for now, there is an abundance of nail polish related information on her blog, and is definitively something I recommend everyone check over. I cannot find the specific post on her Monarch Butterfly nails, but if you google search ' Laquerized Nail Blog Butterfly'  many posts will come up with other peoples designs.

Here is a mani I did a week ago, when I was doing my Purple Rain Franken polish series ( I still have post or 2 to add) The base was a the dark shade, and I just dipped a flat piece of a 'sexy car wash' sponge into a lighter polish that I poured onto a piece of tin foil, and placed it on my nail. I got surprising good coverage with just the one 'sponge application' and only had to fill in a few areas new my cuticles.

in the foreground is the sponge I used, one of those peanut shaped sponges and a small piece of tinfoil.


Searing morning sun

Indoor Fluorescent

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