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Sally Hansen Seaside with a shimmery sparkly franken

Here is a mani I just whipped up. I had been wearing the lighter blue polish previously and wanted to add something to it. I haphazardly brushed on one of my recent frankens to hide some damage from the day.

This is 3 coats of Sally Hansen New Lengths Seaside, and 3 coats of my Franken Holding Hands on an Escalator.  These Sally Hansen New Length polish's seem to take a long time to dry, and since I have been wearing NYC in a New York Minute fast drying polish's for the last week & a half I am intolerant of slow drying polish LOL.

 I have quite a few of these Sally Hansen New Length polish's but I rarely use these or purchase them anymore -  Sally Hansen is dis-continuing this line as well as the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails line.

This polish was on clearance so I picked this up at a neighborhood pharmacy for $1.24-ish.....It is a pretty colour and I don't think I have any light blue extremely shimmery polish's like this in my collection.

with my franken from the other day  Holding Hands on an Escalator

Here it is alone at 3 coats, I thought it would be brush-stroke-y but it wasn't that bad. It took a long time to dry, like all of these Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramic's ( what does ceramic's mean exactly? ) I did'nt even get to add top coat before I got all these dings.....

The colour is nice, but I am spoiled and want my polish totally dry in less than 10 min
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