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Ombre mani - Tips Making Beauty

Morning guys!! Now as some of you may have seen on TV, or fashion magazines, Ombre hair is a pretty big trend now, and I've seen Ombre nails done quit a bit on, so I went ahead and tried one as well. I chose to do a Black to White ombre. Ombre, is just going from the lightest of a color to the darkest.

Here are the colors I chose:

Thumb - OPI Alpine Snow Matte w/ SV on top, sorry, I completely forgot to take a pic of it :( I FAIL
Pointer - Dr. REMEDY Heather Grey
Middle - Pure Ice Kiss Me Here
Ring - Franken of Kiss Me Here & Sinful Black on Black.
Pinky - Sinful Black on Black

So what do you guys think? Have you done an Ombre mani? I was actually really loving this mani!!
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