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It's Red Friday, y'all

Remember last week when Ange did this? I decided to jump on it. Now I am pretty much a patriotic all the time. It actually surprises some people. I truly believe I live in the best country in the world. No place like it!

Anyway, I support our soldiers no matter what. They need us back home in their corner. I used to send care packages full of all kinds of stuff. I used to bake too and I need to get back into that. If you know a soldier who along with his unit needs some love, email me their address.

So from now on every Friday I will be wearing red polish on my tips. I have so many of them that I need to do something with them. Today's is a franken I did MONTHS & MONTHS ago.

So there it is! My red in support of our soldiers and I will do this until they come home. I have people over there too. I apologize for my thoughts being all over the place. It's my first day home from the hospital.

ETA: Post edited because of jackasses. 
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