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China Glaze Island Escape

WOOT! I was so excited to get this collection. It makes me happy just looking at it. Each swatch is 3 coats with no top or base coat. I will say that China Glaze has left me impressed with this small collection. I'm sure youve all seen this one by now though but here it is for you on a darker complexion. It rained the entire week that I swatched this and the kid was in the hospital. I won't say my heart wasnt in it but the weather sure reflected my mood. Stupid rain.

My favorite out of the entire collection.

It's pretty. I dig it but then again I love blues.

I like this one a lot but I think I have a dupe of it. If I find it in my stash I will let you know.

I think this was my least favorite out of the whole set. It's cute but I'm just sort of eh on it.

ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall I am such a sucker for orange polish!

My second favorite.

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