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"Take that, 36"... A GIVEAWAY!!!

QUICK UPDATE - If you entered before I changed the form to request a valid email address, please either resubmit your form, give your email in the comments, or email me.  I will adjust your entry.  My apologies.  I knew I forgot something.  :P

This month, I turn 36.  And, quite frankly, I'm not having an easy time of it, either.  Just the other day, I was visiting my mom and nana and I couldn't make my mouth form the word "six".  I got the "thirty" part out without much problem, but it was the second part that was tripping me up. :P  I suppose part of it is because I'm emotionally/mentally exhausted trying to figure out what's going on with Blake.  But another (bigger) part of it is my deep-seeded age issues.  I've always had a hard time with getting older.  At 24, I started freaking out about turning 30.   :| Part of the problem is that I feel like I should have done so much more, with each passing year.  I feel like at this point... my mid-thirties... I should have my shit together.  Of course, I told this to my 90-year-old nana and she said to let her know what that happens, because she's still waiting.  :P  Hahaha.  I love my nana.  <3

So anyway this year, to kind of thumb my nose up at my impending old age and essentially turn lemons into lemonade, I decided to turn the month of March into a celebration *throws confetti*.  At least on my blog, anyways.  :P  So, from today until the day of my birthday, March 24, I will be hosting a giveaway.  Well, technically... 2 giveaways.  Never one for moderation, I am going to have 2 prizes for this giveaway, and I think they are both pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.  :)  Giveaways always put me in a good mood!

Prize 1 -

China Glaze Anchors Away Sand & Sea
- Below Deck
- Knotty
- Pelican Grey
- Sea Spray
- Sunset Sail
- White Cap
Lippmann Glitter in the Air

Prize 2 -

China Glaze Knotty Nauticals:
- Ahoy!
- First Mate
- Hey Sailor
- Life Preserver
- Lighthouse
- Starboard
Lippmann Happy Birthday

As you can tell, I tried to pick the Lippmann glitter than coordinated with the China Glaze collection.  I definitely plan on doing a post with all these layered with the corresponding Lippmanns before the giveaway ends.  :)  FYI, the China Glazes in the pictures are brand new, but these are my personal Lippmanns.  The ones for the prizes are still en route.  If you a winner, yours will be NIB.  :)

Entries -

Each (correct) entrant receives 2 mandatory entries.  I'm also giving you the opportunity for extra entries.  For this giveaway, you have a total of 5 available entries.  As always, once you get to the extra entries, you can do none, one, some, or all.

1 and 2. You get one entry simply by filling out the form below and being a follower.  New followers are always welcome.  :)  You get a second entry by telling me if you are in the US or international (I have method to my madness - see below). 
You can get extra entries by doing the following...
3. Following me on Twitter
4. Tweeting about this giveaway
5. Blogging about this giveaway

As I mentioned in the form, this giveaway is open to US and international readers, alike.  In the name of fairness, if the first name pulled is an international reader, then the second winner will be a US reader, and vice versa (this is why I need to know if you are US or international).  Also, the first name drawn will get her choice of the prizes and the second winner will get the other prize.  The first winner will have 2 days to respond to my winning email before I pull another name.  The second name will be pulled after the first winner has been verified.  The second winner will also have 2 days before another name is drawn.  Giveaway ends at 11:59p EST on 3/24/11.

Also, be sure to fill out the "Blog Love!" section of the form if you'd like to be in my round up or if you'd like me to list your blog roll.  :)

If you have any questions regarding this giveaway, please ask it in the comments, shoot me an email, or tweet me.

Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!!

DISCLOSURE - Anchors Away collection was provided by China Glaze (I was sent a second review set and got permission to include it in a giveaway).  Deborah Lippmann polishes were purchased by me.
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