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more orange manis's, garage sale finds & polish thinner

I started with Claire's Dreamsicle, then sponged on 3 bright neon creme polish's. I added matte top coat; didn't like it, then added a shimmery micro-glitter franken.One of the polish's I used - Claire's Neon Burst, is impossible to photograph, it is a super duper bright neon is a photo from a previous mani

on all my nails except my pinky - I layered Claire's Neon Burst over white. My pinky  nail is just 3 coats of Neon Burst

The polish i used for this mani.....
Claire's Dreamsicle, Claire's Neon Burst, Icing no name orange shimmer, Claire's frosty orange mini

Oh now I remeber why this is at the back of my deez-elmer...... This polish; Claire's Dreamsicle is sheer, needs 4 or 5 coats and bubbled like crazy the last time I wore it. It is a pretty colour but after seeing it at 2 coats I decided to sponge on some bright orange creme's

this is what I started with; Claire's Dreamsicle 2 coats - no TC

here is a waaaaaaaaay better photo of this pretty polish
{ with bubbles lol }

and finally some garage sale success!I hardly ever find polish at garage sales so I am a happy girl

 Nicole Fresh Squeezed, WnW Virtual nails in Virtual Diamond ( never heard of virtual nails before) SH Xtreme Wear in Purple Potion, and NYC Big Money.

I'm not really a fan of Nicole or OPI polish, but for 50 cents I couldn't pass that up. The other three polish's were 10 cents! Yippee ♥♥♥

....and I finally bought polish thinner, fixed up a few polish's and have almost a whole bottle left!

This matte top coat from Maybelline was almost un-useable so I had to add polish thinner......

I had to add alot of polish thinner to this; the darker area is the actual top coat, and the clear area between the green lines is polish thinner.

I picked up Beauty Secrets acetone, and beauty secrets Nail Polish Thinner the last time I visited Sally's beauty supply. I have fixed-up 15 or more polish's and I still have 3/4 of the bottle. I am sure that this will last me a lifetime.

so I fixed this Maybelline TC; but this mani did not look good matte

... and one more mani; very rarely seen on my blog is orange polish. I rarely wear orange so I rounded up all my orange polish, threw them in a basket and am on a mission to wear them all.

I only have 2 Mavala polish's. The formula on both is great. This is a medium burnt orange creme shade that needs 3 or more coats to full opacity. I actually wore this for a whole day plain.... but added the dots just before I took it off.

2 coats of Mavala #72 Nice, no TC

... and some dotting practice

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