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How to.....Be an animal!

I've had a quite a few ladies ask me how I did my latest manicure so I figured I'd give you a pictorial. I hate being on camera and also my voice is awful. LOL! Here it is and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

Use whatever konad, BM plate you want to. 

Be sure to let each sponged color dry before you add the other. 

I used Seche Vite here. :-) 

After this you want to add your konad stamp or do free-hand art. I used m57 and the special konad black but if you can get Wet and Wild black creme then use that one. After I've let it dry for a few moments, I added the China Glaze Fairy Dust to give it some sparkle. Top that off with your favorite top coat and you are done, my dears and you too can have this:

 It's a tad bit time consuming but it is incredibly easy and cute.
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