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Fashionista Nails review

"Fashionista Nails are full coverage nail art decals which can be applied over a metallic silver base coat." A little while ago I was asked to review them and after the mail finally decided to deliver them to me I got my chance. I was given two sets but I decided to go with Adore(other set I own is Brazen) 

Can I just say that these things were like the dickens? It was quite a few days before I noticed any wear at all. They were easy to apply and quick too. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is very simple. They are also quite cheap at $9.99 per set and you can find them here. 

First I applied Orly Shine and let it dry completely and followed the directions exactly on the back of the set. I also cut them to fit my nail bed. I have very tiny ones. Simple though. Excellent product and Id recommend them if you like decals. I was very clumsy with the first hand and almost gave up but Im glad that I didn't. 

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