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Arrggggh! There be new polish here!

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo Sorry about the lame pirate joke. I like it corny. YOU KNOW! Today I've got the OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides collection. Can I just say that I love this one? I do. I think it has something for everybody. I love the whole concept of this collection because I adore the movies, the ride and now I'm wanting to make Pirate cookies. Anyway, this collection of course was swatched with 3 coats of polish. I did add a basecoat this time because Ive been getting some staining. I will give this one an A+. Ive been waiting and WAITING plus it has SILVER SHATTER. Baller! If you don't get anything from this collection but the silver then you'll be happy. I'm going to add the colors in order of my least favorite to the the one I love the most.

Wasn't really feeling this one. It's pretty little gray-brown though.

Greenish gray and pretty like Skull but it didn't wow me.

This was a pain to apply. It was evened out by the time I got to the 3rd coat.

One of my 3 favorites! I wish yall could have seen me cheesing when I put this on. Love the name and that pink color.

I don't even go for colors like this but this just may change my mind. I love the name. I love the green shade here. It's like milky jade.

LOOK AT IT WITH SHATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And probably one of my favorite purple cremes of ALL time.

Can we talk? Okay, good. I usually don't like EVERYTHING about a collection and while I think a few are boring for me, I still like them.  I would still wear them again. The bonus and star of the whole shebang is the silver shatter. It is just so amazing to me and I think I need an extra bottle or 2 or 3 LOL. Overall I would say go ahead and get this if you need it the whole thing but if not get the last three and the silver shatter.

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