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Thanks to you, I want to stuff my face! - Tips Making Beauty

I am forever browsing eBay for fun new polishes. I love finding ones, that I never hear about, and just love them in real life. This was one of them. While browsing through a sellers store, that I had already found some pretties to buy, I saw this one. I know it's UBER old, and from what I've learned has been spotted at some Dollar Trees, but it's soooo pretty. My Dollar Trees don't have squat when it comes to polish, so I did pay more for it, but not much, and nothing I wouldn't pay for a unique fun color, that I own nothing like. Oh and for some reason, unknown by me, I kept smelling my nails, my brain was convinced it was going to smell minty, and was highly disappointed every time, when it didn't, lol. In one word, this polish is def YUM, and did have me craving those Andes Mints.
Cover Girl NailSlicks Chocolate Mint

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