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So I'm bored

And that means you get to see stuff I really, REALLY like at the moment. Woohoo :-/
First the makeup stuff....

I love this stuff! I have the greasiest face known to man or woman and this stuff keeps my face way more matte for way longer than anything. Combine this with blot papers and I'm good plus it's cheap as hell.

Drugstore foundation. I admit that I am a foundation snob. I've only ever used MAC or MUFE but I decided to check this out and I love this. I love the texture and I love that I barely need concealer with this.
Okay I bought this from either QVC or HSN. It's expensive and I shouldn't have done it but between this and UDPP? I'm good. It's kind of shimmery but that's okay. A little goes a long way and I've had this stuff for MONTHS.
THIS IS NOT A PRIMER!!! If you like to wear sparkly shadows, this basically makes your shadow foil and minimizes fall out. Love this stuff. Again, this is not a shadow primer. You need primer.

Vincent Longo Bronzella. I keep this in my purse. Got it off Haute Look when they were cheap.
Cheap! It dries way fast so work quick if youre gonna use it.
$10, it's got eyeshadow, lipgloss and blush. I use this shit everyday.

This was free. LOL, my mother in law sells Avon and one weekend me and my SIL raided her stash. I love this and it was once upon a time so very pretty before I attacked it. Called retro rouge.
Got from Haute Look when it was cheap. I buff my face powder in with this one. :) 
Okay now favorite hand stuff......

NYX Girls CheekyChic( I wear this when I cant think of anything else to wear, baby pink shimmer), Perfect Formula( Im a fuggin sucker. I bought this because my TTS had it on her blog then someone in her comments loved it too. It works though & I noticed it after 4 days) and that hand lotion, Bath and Body Works, is the bomb. I need MORE.

I won't bore you with my favorite hair crap but I will say Oyin Handmade and Karen's Body Beautiful continue to make money off me.

And if you read this far then Im sorry LMAO so here is what's on my nails and has been for a few.

CheekyChic w/GITA over it.
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