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Dermelect deal on

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that I credit the Dermelect system for saving my nails.  It really works.  The downside, the complete system is around $60 (though you can sometimes find it for less).  Well, I got an email yesterday from Bloom Circle* (formerly stating that you can get the Dermelect Nail Recovery System FREE with a $70 purchase.  It normally sells from them for $59.  Code is der310.  The have quite a few brands, including a small selection of OPI, Priti (which is Diamond Cosmetics, just more expensive), and Zoya.  Unfortunately, it seems like the prices on their products are slightly inflated.  Though, they are probably not jacked up too high to negate the savings on the free product.

Also, with your first purchase at Bloom Circle, you can get $40 in rewards.  Your purchase must be over $40 and the reward dollars will be placed in your account after your purchase.  So it's essentially like getting $80 worth of stuff for $40.  BUT, it can't be used concurrently with any other code and it's for your first purchase only (at least that's their fine print).

DISCLOSURE: the above link is to sign up with me as the referrer.  Honestly, I've never referred someone to them before, so I'm not sure of the "reward", if any.  I tried to poke around and find that information, but they didn't have it listed.  Doesn't seem to be like Hautelook or Zulily where you get $10 for referring a friend.  If you'd rather sign up with out me as your referrer, simply follow this link.  It takes you to their homepage.  I just thought I would mention this because it seems like a great deal on the Dermelect Nail Recovery System.
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