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Birds of a feather flock together, Feather Mani..... (giveaway sneak peek) - Tips Making Beauty

Okay, I know I told you I would post another craft scissor mani, and I promise I had a funky french one scheduled, but after I completed this, i wanted to show you guys so bad! So the funky french will be tomorrow mornings post :) Hope you guys don't mind. Once I saw this mani, I knew I HAD to try and replicate it! This is in no way my idea, I saw it here first. It was just so fun and I loved the look of it. I'm always up for trying new things, and love a challenge. 

While at the craft store where I got my scissors, I saw this feather patch thingy, and thought it would be perfect for this. It was hard finding small enough feathers that I thought would work right. Anyways, okay this is what the feather patch looked like
and since I couldn't remember for the life of me, what she used to apply her feathers, I just grabbed some clear Elmer's glue and a pack of brushes. I could have used actual nail glue, but that stuff can be sooo damaging.
Well holy cow, I know it was my first time, but it was harder than I thought, but totally worth it! I ended up only doing this for accent nails, lol. I also have an issue with things being as perfect as I can get them, and there are quit a few issues I can see that bother me with this one, but I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

What I did, was paint a fairly thick layer of the glue onto my nail, and trimming the feather, as close as I could see, placed it onto my nail with tweezers, lightly pressing it down. I then added some more glue to my brush and did a coat over the entire feather and nail. Then when it was mostly dry, I went around with clippers, and clipped as much of the excess off the sides and tips that I could. Then when that was done, I did 2 coats of SV. It is perfectly smooth and shiny. Since I only did one nail on each hand, the rest of the mani is Brucci Blackened Emerald.
So what do you guys think? Have any of you tried it? I got soooo many compliments it was crazy.

Now I first wanted to thank you all for your feedback about the giveaway, and since the majority said 'more winners', that's what it will be, but instead of 4......I actaully had 25 polishes, so it will be 5 winners!! I still need to get the details and everything worked out, but here is a peak at what I have for you guys. Oh and NO these are NOT in any kind of order or group, I just placed them together and took pics.

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