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China Glaze purple diagional mani

This is 3 thin coats of China Glaze Spontaneous with China Glaze Grape Juice. I applied a curved french mani tip-guide across my nails diagonally and added 2 coats of Grape Juice, when it was dry I applied a coat of Nailene Top Coat.

China Glaze Spontaneous, China Glaze Grape Juice and Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

Below; I found these brushes at the dollar store.... The bright colours ones are for acetone clean-ups and applying moisturizer around my cuticles before painting my nails as I keep misplacing my black brushes.....  I haven't tried any nail art with these, If I do I will be using acrylic water based paint, there decent for a dollar store paint brush.

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