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Bet you have never seen these!!! - Tips Making Beauty

Being a member of MUA, I was sooo excited when I learned that Jayna, had started her own polish company! I got a link to her Etsy store, here it is, and picked a collection and paid instantly. She had 3 collections to choose from, and depending on which you choose, you get the 3 polishes listed. I chose the Sweet Serenity set. I received them in the mail last night, and just had try them out, so here are a few swatches. Her packaging is just adorable!!!! The bottles are 5ml compared to lets say a Sinful polish bottle is 15ml.
I've just given up on my camera photographing these blues and my skin tone, At least the color is accurate. Aren't the flakies gorg!?!?! This was 2 coats :)

Oh and ignore the eff up. I'm only human :P

I am a fan of hidden shimmer, and this is so pretty!

 Now for my fave of the 3! I love dark army greens, and hidden shimmer, but can you see the blue hidden shimmer!!!!!!!!

I love them all, and was really impressed with the formula. If you're interested in purchasing these, or just checking out the other collections, Her store can be found here. I can't wait to try the rest!
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