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Baby, baby, baby!!

I'm sorry but that song was stuck in my head the entire time I was swatching these Nicole by OPI Bieber polishes which I'm sure you've all seen by now but not on me. Let's get on with it.

This purple tends to be a tad warm and I was expecting my camera to flip out but it didn't now I don't know what happened to my ring finger but you can totally see the VNL here. 

LOL at this name! Love the shimmery red. This reminds me of OPI The Show Must Go On for some reason but they look nothing alike.
Standard silver foil. I own at least 5 silver foils. It's pretty though.
This one was my favorite! It's got blue and holo, two of my favorite things. Too bad the sun wasn't out to pick it up for you all to see.
Glitter!!!!! It's for the cutest tiny little glitter. I can't tell if it's hex or circles though. I'm totally blind,lol!
Favorite! I love this little topcoat. It was sort of on the thick side and you had to play with it to get some actual hearts on but it is totally worth the work for cute factor alone.
I have to be honest when I first heard about this collection, I hemmed and hawed probably rolled my eyes too. It is actually really cute though and I love the brush they have in the bottles now. Good job, Nicole by OPI. You can find this collection at Walmart if all the little teeny boppers haven't snatched them up. :-)

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