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Let's do it again........

What? I let go of my acrylic nails this weekend. Although it feels strange, it feels good at the same time. I feel free. Not only was I just tired of doing my nails but CND stuff is not cheap and in this economy I'd just rather not spend my money on that. You understand that, right?

Well I am not doing thing in particular right now but I shaped them round to avoid tears and found a full bottle of OPI Nail Envy in my stash that I am going to use until it's all gone. No need to go out and buy anything right now. Use what you have. Eventually, I will be using CND Shellac to help me along but until then Nail Envy, lots of lotion and Perfect Formula Daily Moisture.

This is what I have right now:

Click on that bad boy to see the tragedy LMAO!
Don't worry. I won't be doing reviews with those things. I promise. I already have the mind at work on how I'll be doing that. :)
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