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Was rough even though I had an awesome birthday. I think some of you missed the point of my rant and I dont think you fully understand what it was about and that is entirely my fault but I still stand by what I said. I dont necessarily agree with doing giveaways every 100 followers because I feel like it makes some people greedier and that is just a fact of life. I have nothing against that blogger but in the long run I think it will affect how people view blogs and why people follow in general. I never called her a "whore" of any kind and I don't know where in the hell one of my anons got that from. I don't like my followers being called cyber bullies either. That was a bit much. People can express themselves and you may not like it but to call it bullying? No.

I may have misunderstood that email. If I did, apologies BUT the way you came at me is what made me mad and if it had been conveyed better then I wouldn't have flown off the handle. It started out negative and quite frankly I didn't need to receive that. If you dont like me then move along and keep it quiet. I let my anger get the better of me and that is not cool but don't come at me and I won't come at you. End of story.

To my readers who are here everyday and the ones who just followed I thank you very much. I appreciate every comment and click. <3

Now moving on:

I GOT SPOILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I know this is a nail blog but I have to show you my presents because Im 12 LMFAO!
This cake was fab. Strawberry Velvet with dark chocolate ganache icing. Girl! RICH and I loved it. 

anchor, octopus and hello kitty necklaces

My Doctor Who scarf and t-shirt

cookbooks and one for my camera

The Entire Greek alphabet in cookie cutter form!

And I did my nails twice and one of them I hated and it was this one so I changed it to something else

and then it became:

Don't look at my cuticles. I cannot find my Flutter!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH

If you stuck around, thank you. <3
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