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We're Touring America with OPI

Hi all,
Today I've got OPI's Touring America fall collection for 2011. I know you've probably seen this on quite a few blogs but I figured I'd give you my take on it. Overall it's a nice collection and I think there is something here for everyone even if you co not want the whole thing. I had no complaints about the application. It was smooth and a lot of the colors were two coaters with the occasional three. I would give the whole thing an "A".

wonderful coral with pink shimmer and looks to me a little gold shimmer in there as well 

darker pink and if you look closely at the bottle it has a rose gold shimmer. Ill have to drag out my MAC pigment to show you. :) 

grey creme and I love the name here. I must visit NOLA one day. 

This was my favorite and I didn't expect it to be at all. It's like "The Lobster" ones safe sister.

another grey creme with a hint of green. 

Another favorite. Red with some gold shimmer. 

I like this name too and Ive actually been on top of the Space needle. A nice light brown. 

This color reminds me of mud, Army fatigues, and swamps. Something else too but I won't say what it is, LOL I like this one though. 

Another favorite! It's like blue and purple made a baby.  This one is so much prettier in person. 

This is so much more "purple" in the bottle but it's more brown on my nails in person. Odd color 

So much darker on the nail than in the actual bottle. Nice deep brown if you like this sort of thing. 

Now who doesn't like purple? Looks like grape juice, the Welch's kind and I just loved how this one looked on. I didn't want to take it off but I had the most trouble because it was sort of runny. Be careful or it will pool around your cuticles. 

I hope you enjoyed my swatches. This is another great OPI fall collection. Something for everyone if you don't want the whole thing.

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