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Ulta Jaded.....Check her out in the bottle! - Tips Making Beauty

Another sneak post from work, lol. I can't do this long. Have you ever seen a polish in a bottle, and instantly fall in love? When I was at Ulta, I saw this, and grabbed it without a 2nd thought. It's Ulta Jaded. Just look at her!!!!

Then you get this magical polish on the nails, and stare at it with curious eyes. Ummm...where are the rest of the colors? It is very pretty, but I might have looked crazy, if others watched me, twist my hand and fingers in all directions, in various lights trying my hardest to see the blue and purple. FAIL. It was also fairly sheer, so I even layered it over Revlon Black with Envy, hey, it was all I had in my purse, lol. I'll show you that one as well soon.

*stomps feet* I want my nails to look like it does in the bottle!!!!
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