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Green Granite sponge mani with Avon Polish's

It is hard to see in these photos, but I layered a nifty Color-Rama polish over this sponge mani called Give me the Chills. I love the finish that this sponge gives, It looks like a granite counter top. I sponged on  Avon Jade and Olive Green over 3 coats of Avon Electric Green. Then I added a coat of Maybelline Color-Rama Give me the Chills, and a coat of Nailene Top Coat.

The Kmart Sticker is covering up the name, but I happen to have 2 of these ' Give me the Chills' polish's from my great USA Haul of 2010. ( I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss you The Dollar Tree ). It needs to be lyered over something dark, (black or navy)

On the left is another Color-Rama polish Blazes of Blue; and on the Right is Give Me The Chills both layered over a dark blue polish. It has the same colour shifting properties as opalescent flakies, like in Hidden Treasure or the Nufeo polish's =  just in 'stick' form ha ha ha.

I like this colour, Avon Electric Green but this is 3 coats and there is still some bare spots. It dried fast like all the Avon polish's I have tried. I know this would be spectacular layered over white - which is probably what I will be doing next. This is 3 coats - No Top Coat

...later in the sun. I marred my Index nail ~ I did not apply Top Coat because knew i would have to do a layered -look with this polish because it was too sheer for me.

Avon Electric Green, Jade, and Olive Green - Isn't this an 'artsy' photo

I cut one of those big sponges into 'slices' so that they are easy to handle

stuff i used for this mani;

Avon Electric Green, Jade and Olive Green, ColorRama Give me the Chills & Nailene Top Coat

I don't think there is an actual granite with this colour scheme - but this totally looks like granite

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