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Not what I expected, but MUCH better - Tips Making Beauty

Morning! Once again, I ordered some Nubar polishes off of eBay. You know, if eBay didn't exist, I'm pretty sure my bank account would have many more zeros.  Anyways, this one is Star Sparkle. It's loaded with holo glitter, and just looks amazing on the nail. Since I had some spare time at night, I decided to stamp over it too.

Here is 3 coats of Star Sparkle

Then using the Mash plate M60 and Wet n' Wild Black polish, I did this design. I freaking love that it actually looks like I have fabric over top the design!

Oh and, you know how I love my flakie polishes, can you believe I found a flakie lip gloss at Wal-mart, by Hard Candy! I'm also a semi lip gloss hoarder, lol. But this has FLAKES, and ones you can see when you apply it. It's so cool, and a great effect that I just had to share. This one is called Tipsy :)

Here is a swatch on my hand. It's such a light sheer pink, but the flakes, EEEKKK, I love! It doesn't even have a rough texture at all!

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