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Unicorn Pee is finally mine :P - Tips Making Beauty

So I know most of you have seen this many times before, but how could I not post pics? First let me tell you what my a$$ hole husband did to me. So I got home from work, and ran right into the kitchen to open my package, because I knew it was my Clarins 230. So I rip open the envelope, then the little box it was in, and then start to unwrap the bubble wrap. My heart stopped, when I unwrapped a blue glitter pumpkin polish?!!? I have never been so mad, that I said a very non feminine word, and stormed into the living room, so I could email the seller and start my bitching. I mean I did not pay $60 for a $1.99 pumkin polish, that I already own damn it. So as I grab my computer, my husband hands me a bottle of.......CLARINS 230! That ass, excuse my language, but he was, had somehow opened the package, box and then bubble wrap, removed the 230 and put in my pumpkin polish, and put it all back together! I couldn't even tell he had done it!! Him and my daughter thought it was the funniest thing in the world....well, it wasn't!

Okay onto the rainbow in a bottle. Oh and the heading says Unicorn Pee, because that is what it is called over on :P

I first did a coat of Illamasqua Baptiste

Then I did a coat of 230. Hope you don't mind all the pics, I couldn't just choose a few, and there are so many colors in this polish!

This polish is pure awesome and worth every penny *sigh*
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