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Hi! My name is Megan and I'm a RBL reject.

Okay, I know Ji had a shit-ton of entries, and perhaps it's my neverending naivete, but I was still hopeful that my entry would be picked.  Alas, she posted the list of 11 hopefuls yesterday and my awesome idea was not part of the group.  Bummer.

Here she is...

I'd been waffling about my entry ever since she announced the contest and I'd ultimately decided not to enter.  Then I saw this and fell in love.  Can you imagine?  I took this the day after Christmas while we were out letting the spawn spend their Christmas money.  We'd just had our first-in-who-the-eff-knows-how-long white Christmas and we were drying out the day after.  Who knew the dirty asphalt at a gas station would look so beautiful?

Having the effect of an oilslick has long been a dream of mine.  I know some polishes have come close, with OPI MPJ being the one that stick out in my mind.  However, more than a holo, I wanted a dark asphalt grey polish with subtle tonal shimmery that flashes blue, orange, yellow, pink, and green (or a combination thereof).  A multi-chrome, if you will.  :)  I know no nail polish could do the swirly effect above, but I thought a beautiful, shimmer multi-chrome could capture the message I was trying to convey.

Sadly, Ji just didn't like it or felt it couldn't be done.  Which I suppose is, ultimately okay, as I've fallen out of love with RBL as of late.  I finally decided I couldn't deal with trying to cope with the formula (which does not work with me), and blog-sold most of my RBL stash (I still have the 3 glitters, Plie, Smitten, and PH).

I've been trying to franken it, but I have no idea where to start.  I got the asphalt grey down (with a combo of Zoya Freja, black creme, CC Wild Orchid, and CC Pretty Platinum), but it's I try to add the other colors that things go to shit.  :\  I plan to keep on trying, but I dont' have faith.  If any of you franken goddesses want to try it, feel free.  :)

If you'd like to vote for your favorite of the 11, Ji has it posted on her blog.  Personally, I voted for #6.  :)
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