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GOSH Holo and an amazing package! - Tips Making Beauty

I actually completed my first international swap, and it wasn't so bad, lol. This package came from an amazingly sweet reader, Suzanne. I completely squealed with excitement and kissed every single one when I saw them. My hubby said 'Umm...I didn't even get a kiss when you got home', LOLOLOL. Well come on we have priorities :P I can't wait to play with them all!!!! Man, why can't all polishes be available everywhere, these are amazing!  Well since I knew that Saturday was going to be sunny, I knew I had to try out GOSH Holo. I am seriously in love, and it is now my fave holo!! I literally looked at my nails every 30 seconds.
Here are all the pretties I received

and of course tons of pics of GOSH Holo!!

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