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Designer Series

Hi guys,

So Saturday I made the trip to Atlanta with my family to see one of my most favorite people, my TTS Ange. We had the best day and I miss her already. :( We checked out the Lenox Square mall which was a fuggin' mad house and stopped by Lush and Sephora to check out their Illamasqua stash.

They didn't have jackschitt and the little dude who worked there acted like he didn't know wth Ange was talking about. Man, read some updates. (I saw that image above on Scrangie's blog and loved it,LOL) It was so gross and they had the shit not in the right place and just UGH. How long ago did Scarab and such come out???

Anyway after that and the hell that is traffic in Atlanta we went to the park and just chilled and watched the kids play. It was really nice. Her family is so great and awesome and her kids are just so cute. Love.
So I got this HUGE ass box of polish from her. She is such a sweetheart. In that box was OPI DS Diamond.

 It's really pretty but the holo is subtle as hell. I don't care though. I'm happy with it because it's just that pretty to me.

Miss ya, TTS <3
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