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♥ 'Glam Goth' Layering with Wn'W - 'Wild Orchid' ♥

I think I hid it all pretty good- but I totally trashes my RING and MIDDLE finger of my Rimmel 'Glam Goth' manicure last week- And so I whipped out my nail guides and applied them on the diagonal, then painted 2 coats of Wet n' Wild 'Wild Orchid', followed by Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. Viola - problem solved♥

I love the contrast between a non-glitter creme or shimmer nail polish, and a pretty glittery polish like this Wet n' Wild. It really shows both polish finish's off. And; I do love this simple diagonal nail art! So easy! I will be bringing back the 'S-curve' look soon, though.

I am trying to use these Wet n' Wild Polish's more often - they truly are beautiful colors, they are inexpensive and they seem to last. My only complaint is the brush was a little on the stiff side for this polish 'Wild Orchid'.

 ~ Rimmel 'Glam Goth' L.E. = Wet n' Wild 'Wild Orchid' ~



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