Thursday, September 30, 2010

MAC Haul - Disney Edition - Nails Art Design

Here’s a sneak peek of my MAC haul today! The long awaited Disney and MAC collaboration was finally released in stores today and I was so excited I had trouble falling asleep. MAC Venomous Villains line is split into four parts, each corresponding to a specific Disney Villain. The colors were derived from the original Disney sketches and the original sketches are seen on the packaging box. MAC featured Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty, Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. Along with great makeup colors, lip glosses and powders, they also released 3 new limited edition nail polishes. Stay tune for swatches and review!

♥ awwwwwww- Frankenestein ♥

How am I going to take this off - it's soooo cute!

Have you guys seen this video yet?

These little Frankenstein's were really easy to make and are so cute!  I marred 2 of mine before my photo op, but these took less than 5 minutes to do! Except my pinky my nail length at the moment is nubbin's. I broke my 4 of my nails on a wicker basket filled with tea towels..... I could not friggen believe it as I have been doing some heavy duty crafty things and built some around the house stuff. = a friggen wicker basket = my goodness

I like nubbins and think that painted and taken care of they are just as lovely as long nails. I am aching to get some artificial nails on though, but am using the hot glue gun almost everyday, and painting Halloween crafts as well, so I am taking a few days off of wearing false nails. But I still paint my nails everyday! ( & take photos ).  I saw this video yesterday on Killer Colours and had to copy immediately!

 Here is what I used

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint, Art Deco Black, Billie White, and Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat

Below are my nails, my real nails. I attribute their length to applying Nailene Brush on glue beneath the tips of my nails and keeping them polished. Normally I never let my real, natural nails grow this long, but I wanted to do a bunch of 'experiments' with them..... oh well, I still have my pinky nail to work with.

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint - 2 bubbly coats with TC

These DO dry super-duper fast = but I always get bubbles... no matter what I do!

here are my nekkid nails at the moment.

This is the glue I am brushing on beneath the tips of my nails... it is ALOT LESS MESSY than glue in a  regular bottle...... but as you ca see by the teeth marks on the cap..... it does have a few flaws..... mostly that it seals shut really, really well but that just means that it drys fast which is a good thing!

( my thumb nail I added a messy coat of NYC Luxury Lime Creme )

NEW Limited Edition Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polishes - Tips Making Beauty

So I went to Rite Aid on my lunch, and what do I see.....the NEW Sally polishes!! I love my Rite Aid, they are always up to date on the new collectionc. I only grabbed 3, for the rest looked very common, imo.

This is Problem Child. Which reminds me very much of OPI's Merry Midnight. I think of Problem Child, as Merry M. little sister. PC, doesn't seem to have as big of, or as much flakies compared to her big sis. Still this color is beautiful!

This is Golden Ticket. Since it's sheer, I layered it over Problem Child, and really like it!

This is my FAVORITE of the 3 that I got, It's Sequin Scandal. A very dark olive/army green, with gold & green tiny glitter and what may be teeny tiny iridescent flakies, but not many, so don't get too excited.

Contest Update

The ending date to the contest has been changed to October 8, 2010.

Talontastic Thursday: Bling for Bublé Beauty Care

Finally, a use for those nightmarishly chalky Essie light pinks! This is two coats of South of the Hi'Way (which is, to be fair, the least problematic of the lot), with not one, not two, but three Sally Girl minis in silver, rose and iridescent glitter whacked on over it. The silver and rose are especially lovely, with dual sized hexaganol bling bits suspended in a clear base. You can see a picture of the trio in all their multi sparkly goodness here.

Application is less than perfect, but then I was in the back of the car en route to Mickey Bubbles' concert last Saturday night when painting these nails. I can tell you right now that the hairpin sliproad that takes you down from the N7 and catapults you onto the southbound M50 is no manicure's friend.

Now, unless you have an understanding pal in the States to post Sally Girl products home to you or manage to swap for them on Make Up Alley as I did, these little bottles of blinging goodness are hard to come by. Get the look with Essence Space Queen for multi-coloured mini glitter and either Models Own Silver Spangle or China Glaze Techno for silver hexagonal chunkiness. China Glaze Doll's House is packed full of rose-gold hexy bits, or alternatively you could try Eyeko Chi-Chi for a less ostentatious rose glitter fix.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gradient Tutorial - Nails Art Design

Here is my mini tutorial on how to do gradients. Thanks for being so patient! I’ve been caught up with work and finally found some time today to put it together. I’ve tried sponge gradients before, but this time I decided to try a wet brush gradient. So let’s start!

Prep: Find 3 to 4 similar looking colors to start with, with at least 1 being sparkly; put on base coat

Here are the colors I used:

From left to right: OPI Princesses Rule, Daiso Pink, Anna Sui 307


Step 1: Paint on one layer of the lightest nail polish – I used OPI Princesses Rule!

Step 2: Before the first layer is completely dry, paint the 3/5 of the nail with a darker polish – I used a Japanese one from the dollar store

Step 3: Now paint the top 1/3 of the nail with the same polish, after allowing a little bit of time (1 min) for the bottom layer to dry.

Step 4: Use your sparkly nail polish and paint on top of your last layer, you can repeat of you want a more intense color or more sparkles – I used Anna Sui 307

Finishing touches:

To give the gradient a more cohesive look, quickly use a top coat and drag it from top to bottom. This will ensure that the color will “blend” better with one another. Now you are done!

Scotch Tape Striped Mani - Is my love for Turquoise Opal obvious? - Tips Making Beauty

I actually did this mani yesterday, but didn't get a chance to post it. I was trying to find other designs I could do, using scotch tape. Stripes came to mind. So I grabbed my trusty black, and Sally Hansens Nail Prisms Turquoise Opal, and started working on it. It was actually easier than I though, and I love this effect

This is with the flash on, see how much the turq. shows!!!

My Vegas Showgirl Mani - Tips Making Beauty

This is the mani design I chose today. As much as I like it, it feels very Vegas to me, lol. The gold is Color Club's Enchanted Holiday, from this years mini set. The black is my HG, Sinful's Black on Black. I used scotch tape for the diagonal design. If you're interested in doing this, I posted about it a little while ago, and gave step by step instructions.


Totes amaze: Sky gardens Beauty Care

I strongly feel that if you actually need the monthly Financial Times magazine to tell you How To Spend It, your money is completely wasted on you and you should be forced to hand it all over to someone with a little more imagination. 

Sometimes, though, when I'm not busy rolling my eyes at the extreme excesses between its pages, I'll espy an article so jaw-droppingly awesome, I'll get completely distracted from thinking that it's rather vulgar to have a publication dedicated so exclusively and unabashedly to high-end buy-it-all consumerism. 

Take these photos by way of example. They accompanied a recent feature entitled Taking The High Ground about the seriously lush gardens and outdoor spaces created on the rooftops of some London city homes. Forget mismatched planters and windowboxes: I'm talking about grass and hedging and even mature trees.

Now that is city living I could totally get down with.

All pix via How To Spend It

I've got ManGlaze!

I was never a big fan of mattes until I was introduced to the ManGlaze brand awhile back. I bought Matte is Murder, Hot Mess, Fuggen Ugly and Mattastrophe online because well this company rocks. Marc is such a personable and great guy that I'd buy the Golden Gate bridge from him if he offered. (lol, ok not really)

Recently, he sent me the new one, Mayo and the reformulated Fuggen Ugly to review and let me just say they hit it out of the park.I couldn't get my animation to load but look at these bottles. The minis are too darned cute and quite frankly easy to use.

I tried out Mayo first just because I have wanted to see a white matte for so long.  This stuff went on so smooth and only in two coats. It actually has a sparkle to it. Awesome, awesome stuff. Check it out.

When I was a kid, I totally painted my nails with white out. If I'd had this stuff back then I would have been in love.  I didn't stop here though. I had to add Hot Mess aka FISH DICKS(I love saying this.)

Now I already loved the original Fuggen Ugly which you can see here but like I said they reformulated it and it's still a great polish.

Look at this stuff! Everything is smooth with great application and a quick drying time. You can't go wrong with a purchase from these guys.

These products were sent by the company/PR for an honest review.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Commander in Chic - Nails Art Design

Commander in Chic
is a pretty purple with a heavier grey undertone. This is the second nail polish I have tried from the Sally Hansen complete SALON Manicure line and I am relieved to say that this one fully met my expectations. Click here or scroll down for the refresher of the first one, it was a definitely a challenge because of the sheerness of the color. However, Commander in Chic presented no problems with pigmentation and it was opaque in two coats. I’m wearing three in the picture because I think it looks better. Once again, the polish applied flawlessly and I’m falling more and more in love with the brush. I wish other companies would start making brushes like this! It makes applying polishes so much easier.

It’s another random gorgeous sunny day here! Out in the sun I go! Thanks for dropping by.

Another Franken Fail

Let me just say that I love to franken. It's fun but I'm not a whiz at it like Ange is. I have done so many that I have not seen the light of day. They are all shoved into a box somewhere and one day I will take pics and post all of them but until then, this post will have to do. She doesn't have a name but here she is.

What I did was mix almost a full bottle of N.Y.C. Extra Shiny top coat with a few drops of Orly Liquid Vinyl and a few more drops of Color Club Naughtycal Navy.

And there it is. Thumbs down! LOL

The Blog Writer Dress: Kinda Fugly. Beauty Care

According to, this is what bloggers (or "blog writers", as the website calls us) should really be wearing as we "swan around for hours with laptop in tow" or "meet up with readers for cupcakes".

Quite apart from the fact that I think this dress is seriously overpriced at $131 and looks rather like a printed sack with buttons, I don't really understand how it's supposed to be worked into my classic pjs/multi-coloured striped socks/Himself's hoodie combo.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I Wanna Thank You giveaway.

As a small thank you for taking me over 500 followers Id like to do a small giveaway. I'm not even going to ramble about this so here are the prizes:

O.P.I. Burlesque Little Teasers 4 pack- Comes with Rising Star, Take the Stage, The Show Must Go On! and Ali’s Big Break

Color Club Mini Enchanted Holiday  4 pack- Comes with  Magic Elf,  Wish List Red, Enchanted Holiday
Snowflake plus the decal sheet. 

 Color Club Ready to Royal and Soft as Cashmere

All you have to do is be a follower and you're entered. No funny business. If you want an extra entry , blog or tweet but only leave one comment below with that information below. To the person who left me that crappy email please believe I remember who you are. Behave, people. Contest ends at October 8, 2010 at 8am my time and I'll announce that afternoon. Good luck and all of that.